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Posted by bmw_babe14 on 2005.12.30 at 13:13
Current Mood: crazycraziii
Current Music: LiStEnInG tO mY kItTy PuRrInG
so today in the mail, i got this info packet about some pageant...i think its the one that shelley & catherine did. idk. w/e...i dont have time to do it, and to be honest, i dont really want to do it. so yeah l0l. tonight dena is spending the night cuz mr. tim is going on one of those motercycle excusion things. l0l no wonder.....he has like, 5 motercycles!! so yeah. i think we're gonna pick her up after we go to dinner which since everyone in my immediate family hates brio's, we're now going to the tavern. TaStY tAsTy!!! so yeah. tomorrow me and dena are just gonna chill and all that jazz, and then tomorrow night around 6, BROOKLYNN is gonna babysit the costons with us!! woohoo! but since its new years eve, mr. tim and my mom figured that mr. and mrs. coston would be coming home a little tipsy, so around 11, he's gonna come pick all of us up (including reese & riley) and taking us back to dena's. so then i guess we're spending the night at dena's. so yeah!! then sunday we're gonna have a girl's day out!! woohoo...desperately needed. so that would be our plans for the next couple of days.

PeAcE oUt PiMpS! ♥


ciao_bellaxoxo at 2006-01-02 22:15 (UTC) (Link)
i got that same pagent packet thingy..it was like teen miss or something like that.
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